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We are pre­sen­ting two films from our pro­gram NEW AES­THE­TIC: TOXIC MEMES and a talk with film­ma­kers Gabri­el­le Stem­mer und Chloé Gali­bert-Laî­né on the topic of NET­NO­GRA­PHY AND GEN­DER avai­alable online for free.

The com­ple­te KFFK ONLINE EDI­TI­ON inclu­ding the Ger­man Com­pe­ti­ti­on is available to view­ers insi­de of Ger­ma­ny until Novem­ber 22nd.

New Aes­the­tic


The sec­tion “New Aes­the­tic” pres­ents unu­su­al approa­ches, new per­spec­ti­ves and reflec­tions on digi­tal deve­lo­p­ments. Here we are show­ing two films from the ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned pro­gram “Toxic Memes” as well as a dis­cus­sion with the film­ma­kers Gabri­el­le Stem­mer and Chloé Gali­bert-Laî­né on the topic of “Net­no­gra­phy and Gender”.

The com­ple­te pro­gram as ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned will be shown in the cour­se of next year.

The films are not available online any more.

Film details
Pro­gramm Information

“TOXIC MEMES” is the title of this year’s ori­gi­nal­ly plan­ned pro­gram. Viral images, vlogs, online com­mu­ni­ties and memes are exami­ned, decon­s­truc­ted, and reas­sem­bled. Two films deal­ing with the phe­no­me­non of You­Tube com­mu­ni­ties are shown here along­side a talk with filmmakers.

Clean with me (After Dark) exami­nes You­tube vide­os of women in the USA who film them­sel­ves clea­ning in order to break out of their iso­la­ti­on. Wat­ching the Pain of Others deals with a skin dise­a­se that lite­ral­ly went viral.

Panel: Net­no­gra­phy and Gender

What do vide­os of users say about our socie­ty as a who­le and what role do the film­ma­kers who use the­se vide­os play? Chloé Gali­bert-Laî­né (Wat­ching the Pain of Others) and Gabri­el­le Stem­mer (Clean with me) dis­cuss the­se ques­ti­ons about so-cal­led netnography.

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