500,000 Pee (500,000 Years)

In Lampang, at the archeological site that found fossil of homoerectus 17 years ago, now no body care about this scientific discovery. Just locals went there for spiritual activity sometimes. One evening an outdoor cinema truck went there to screen a film as an offer to the ancient ghost, Kohka man, during the screening, something unexpected happened.


Chai Siris

Thailand 2016, 16’30“, Experimentalfilm, thailändisch mit englischen UT

Bildgestaltung: Chatchai Suban
Produktion: Kick the Machine Films


Chai Siris, b. 1983, September 24  in Bangkok, lives in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and is a rising star in experimental cinema in Thailand and regularly collaborates with Apichatpong Weerasethakul. He is developing a body of works made up of films, videos and photos, dedicated to the reconstruction of personal and social narratives from different local communities (workers, migrants, villagers, families) where he gathers stories and aspirations. Starting with this part-documentary, part-fictional piece he presents a contemplative œuvre, between near and far, intimacy and history in the making. Chai Siris’s works were shown by renowned events including Documenta 13 and Venice International Film Festival.


2015 An investigation of Nocturnal Garden
2014 Jazz
2013 Six Suns
2010 Four Seasons


Mail: c@chaisiris.com