Spring Jam

Ein jun­ger Hirsch – ohne beein­dru­cken­des Geweih – weiß genau, dass er herr­li­che Musik erfin­den muss, wenn er in der Paa­rungs­zeit eine Chan­ce haben will.

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Ned Wen­lock

Neu­see­land 2016, 5’30’’, Ani­ma­ti­ons­film, ohne Dia­lo­ge, NRW-Premiere

Buch: Ned Wen­lock and Chris Brandon
Musik: Ben Sinclair
Ton: Tim Prebble
Pro­duk­ti­on: Geor­gi­a­na Plaister


Ned Wen­lock has been direc­ting ani­ma­ti­on for 15 years and is best known for his distinct and inven­ti­ve 2D ani­ma­ti­on style. He has work­ed across both the adver­ti­sing and music video worlds, crea­ting ani­ma­ti­ons for MGMT, Hon­da, McDo­nalds and many more.

His Apa­che video for the band Dan­ger Beach was a fina­list in the 2012 Vimeo Awards.