Öko­lo­gi­scher Film über das gro­ße Aben­teu­er einer klei­nen Schild­krö­te, die ihre Fami­lie sucht.

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Olga Poliek­to­va & Jau­me Quiles

Spanien/Russland 2017, 2’, Ani­ma­ti­ons­film, ohne Dialoge

Mon­ta­ge: Olga Poliektova
Musik: Kevin MacLeod
Ton: Jau­me Quiles


Jau­me Qui­les — Film­ma­ker sin­ce birth. He was born in Elche, Ali­can­te (Spain). He has direc­ted count­less shorts films and some­ti­mes achie­ving be hono­red for his works.

Olga Poliek­to­va and her twin sis­ter Tatia­na finis­hed Uni­ver­si­ty of Cine­ma and Tele­vi­si­on in ani­ma­ti­on and com­pu­ter gra­phic. They work in dif­fe­rent ani­ma­ti­on styles.

“Chi­ri­pa­jas” is a first com­mon film of Jau­me and Olga in a stop moti­on technique. 


2016 Para­dís
2015 My grand­fa­ther was a cher­ry tree