Kado (A Gift)

Isfi can wear her com­for­ta­ble pants among her guy fri­ends but has to wear hijab to be accept­ed at Nita’s house. Two days to Nita’s bir­th­day, all Isfi wants is to prepa­re the best gift in Nita’s room.

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Adi­tya Ahmad

Indo­ne­si­en 2018, 15’, Spiel­film, Baha­sa mit eng­li­schen UT, Deutschlandpremiere

Bild­ge­stal­tung: Rah­man Saade
Musik: Myxomata
Ton: Satrio Budio­no, Yus­uf AG
Pro­duk­ti­on: Adin Amiruddin


75th Venice Intl Film Fes­ti­val //Best Short Film — Oriz­zon­ti Program
Vla­di­vos­tok Paci­fic Meri­di­an Intl Film Fes­ti­val 2018
Bus­an Intl Film Fes­ti­val 2018 // Wide Ang­le Program
Fes­ti­val du Nou­veau Cine­ma, Mont­re­al — Canada


Adi­tya Ahmad, born in Makas­sar (May 29th 1989) has his short SEPA­TU BARU reco­gni­zed as Spe­cial Men­ti­on in 64th Ber­lin Inter­na­tio­nal Film Fes­ti­val. He then par­ti­ci­pa­ted the Asi­an Film Aca­de­my (19th Bus­an Inter­na­tio­nal Film Fes­ti­val) and the Ber­li­na­le Talent Cam­pus 2015. Adi­tya also work­ed as 2nd Assistant Direc­tor on a few fea­tures by Miles Films.


2006 Pagar
2013 Sepa­tu Baru
2014 Brothers
2015 Save Our Forest Giants