An addic­ted biker runs out of ciga­ret­tes. He joins a race to get more, but has to take help from some pecu­li­ar peo­p­le in the audi­ence to stay in the competition.

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San­der Joon

Est­land 2015, 6’, Ani­ma­ti­on, ohne Dialoge

Sound & Music: San­der Põld­saar, And­res Dajek
Super­vi­sors: Pri­it Pärn, Olga Pärn, And­res Mänd, Tryg­ve Nielsen
School: Esto­ni­an Aca­de­my of Arts


San­der Joon is an ani­ma­tor and VJ artist who lives, stu­dies and works in Tal­linn. He’s got BA degree in ani­ma­ti­on at Esto­ni­an Aca­de­my of Arts and he is now con­ti­nuing his stu­dies the­re in MA. He con­cen­tra­tes on coher­ent design and uses ani­ma­ti­on to crea­te sur­rea­li­stic world spi­ced with humor.