Peep Show

PEEP SHOW is a pri­va­te jour­ney into the world of ero­ti­cism. The view­er, as if spy­ing through the key­ho­le, wit­nesses a per­so­nal show in which art is the object of desi­re. The most beau­tiful ero­tic icons of the clas­si­cal peri­od wink and show them­sel­ves off in an atmo­sphe­re char­ged with sexu­al ten­si­on; tri­um­phing, through their eter­nal power, in the trans­for­ma­ti­on of that voy­eu­rism into sub­li­me act.

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Rino Ste­fa­no Tagliafierro

Ita­li­en 2016, 7’30’’, Ani­ma­ti­ons­film, ohne Dialoge

Musik: Enri­co Ascoli


Rino Ste­fa­no Taglia­fier­ro, born in 1980, direc­tor, art direc­tor and video artist. Over the years he has had expe­ri­ence as art direc­tor, visu­al-artist, gra­phic desi­gner, ani­ma­tor and 2D com­po­si­tor video to rea­li­ze video art, com­mer­cials, short films, fashion-video, video­map­ping, video pro­jec­tions and inter­ac­ti­ve instal­la­ti­ons for exhi­bi­ti­ons, muse­ums and spe­cial events. In 2013 he cofoun­ded the stu­dio KARMACHINA.


2014 Beau­ty