Selya­taği (Floo­d­p­lain)

A search par­ty sear­ches for someo­ne lost in a forest, in turn beco­m­ing lost them­sel­ves wit­hin the arbo­re­al zone.

A half-civi­li­an, half-poli­ce for­ce group evacua­tes the vil­la­ge and the forest for con­struc­tion, and seek in turn the seekers.

An old tree relea­ses a slum­be­ring spell, over­ta­king ever­yo­ne wit­hin its reach.


Deniz Tor­t­um

Tür­kei 2018, 12″, Spiel­film, Tür­kisch mit eng­li­schen UT


Veni­ce Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty 2018


DENİZ TOR­T­UM works in film and new media. He was a rese­ar­cher at MIT Open Docu­men­ta­ry Lab and a fel­low at Har­vard Film Stu­dy Cen­ter. His work has scree­n­ed at SxSW, Shef­field, True/False, Shar­jah Bien­ni­al Istan­bul, and Doku­fest, whe­re his film won best short documentary.