The Pro­ce­du­re

A man is cap­tu­red and forced to endu­re a stran­ge experiment.

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Cal­vin Lee Reeder

USA 2016, 4’30″, Spiel­film, ohne Dialoge

Pro­duk­ti­on: Chris­ti­an Palmer

Kame­ra: Jacob Rosen

Schnitt: Buzz Pierce


With a stran­ge mix of under­ground hor­ror shock and exis­ten­ti­al atmo­sphe­re, Cal­vin Lee Ree­der made a name for hims­elf with his gen­re-ben­ding short films. He went on to exci­te and divi­de audi­en­ces with his two fea­ture films The Ore­go­ni­an (2011) and The Ram­bler (2013). He’s back at it with Sun­dance Jury Award win­ning short The Procedure.