You Are Awake

For almost 2 years the peop­le of the vil­la­ge of Kala­chi, Kazakh­stan have star­ted to faint and fall asleep without any reason.


Pedro Mar­tin-Cale­ro

UK 2016, 4’30′’, Spiel­film, ohne Dialoge

Pro­duk­ti­on: Colo­nel Blimp

Schnitt: Sacha Szwarc


Pedro ori­gi­nal­ly star­ted his care­er as a cine­ma­to­gra­pher but after a few years knew his true cal­ling was direc­ting and began shoo­ting music vide­os and short films in his home town of Madrid. He is cur­r­ent­ly split­ting his time bet­ween Spain and Lon­don and is deve­lo­ping his first fea­ture film.