Way Bet­ter

Skir­man­ta Jakai­tė | Litau­en 2022 | 13′30″ | Ani­ma­ti­ons­film | Litauisch/Englisch mit eng­li­schen UT
Best of Fes­ti­vals III

Ein Mann erwar­tet Test­ergeb­nis­se. Er erwar­tet das Schlimms­te, hofft aber auf das Bes­te. Gequält und ver­ängs­tigt lebt er eine Woche in der Schwe­be und fürch­tet das, was noch gar nicht pas­siert ist.

Ani­ma­ti­on: Skir­man­ta JAKAI­TĖ, Vyk­in­tas LABA­NAUS­KAS, Lina VAIŠKŪNAITĖ
Script, Image, Film Edi­tor: Skir­man­ta JAKAITĖ
Sound engi­neer, sound edi­tor, Mixing: Vytau­tas LEISTRUMAS
Sound­track: Chris­to­pher O’YOUNG

“The Jugg­ler”
2018 Lithua­nia, France
2D ani­ma­ti­on, 11 min.

“Non-Euclide­an Geometry”
2013 Lithuania
2D ani­ma­ti­on, 11 min.

“We May Meet, We May Not”
2011 Lithuania
2D ani­ma­ti­on, 8 min.

Skir­man­ta Jakai­tė (b. 1969) is a direc­tor and ani­ma­tor with a BA in Ani­ma­ti­on from Vil­ni­us Aca­de­my of Art. She makes her films using the tech­ni­ques of 2D drawn ani­ma­ti­on. Skirmanta’s films have been scree­ned at many acclai­med inter­na­tio­nal film fes­ti­vals inclu­ding Anne­cy, Otta­wa, Hiro­shi­ma, Cler­mont-Fer­rand, DOK Leip­zig, Ani­ma­fest Zagreb, Mel­bourne, and others. Her film “Non-Euclide­an Geo­me­try” (co-direc­ted with Solv­ei­ga Mas­tei­kai­tė) was award­ed the Ecu­me­ni­cal Jury Pri­ze at the 60th Short Film Fes­ti­val Ober­hau­sen, and has recei­ved a Spe­cial Inter­na­tio­nal Jury Pri­ze at the Hiro­shi­ma Inter­na­tio­nal Ani­ma­ti­on Fes­ti­val. Skir­man­ta has been award­ed twice at The Lithua­ni­an Film Aca­de­my for The Best Lithua­ni­an Ani­ma­ti­on Film, for “Non-Euclide­an Geo­me­try” in 2014 and “The Jugg­ler” in 2020. 

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